This live project re-commenced on 14th June 2019 (reasons outlined in webinar The 90,000 Project Part 3) and the trading results will be verified within my trading account which you will be able to view biweekly from end of June onwards in the biweekly webinars. Notifications will be sent out once the webinars are available. A log of daily profit and loss is available in the spreadsheet below.

I started with a 15,000 bank and am using a percentage based risk approach of 1% liability per trade. The objective of this project is to exceed 90,000 worth of profits within a 4 month period.

Please note that I am using a trading software application called BetAngel to conduct my trades because it provides the ability to see full market depth as well as access a host of other useful ancillary trading tools built into the application.

Click below for the daily P/L



The key to success in trading is the ability to accept losing a battle whilst knowing you are winning the war

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