There are specific interviews with trading experts which have resonated with me based on where I have been in my trading journey so I have listed these below so that you can take the gold nuggets of information from them and apply it to where you can in your own personal trading journey.

Interview with Tom Dante

I liked this interview because Tom talks about what it was like working in a proprietary trading firm surrounded by traders who were on just a completely different level. He talks about their mindset and work ethic. Completely inspiring.

Interview with Dan Shapiro

This is one of the most moving interviews I have ever listened to. That a successful trader admits that at one point he was contemplating suicide shows you the impact this game can have on anyone when things spiral out of control.

Interview with Anthony Crudele

This interview is a great reminder that even if you have gone through the painful process of blowing out your account more than once you can still recover and move on. It also addresses the need to be flexible with your trading strategy.

Interview with Tim Sykes

Timothy Sykes is the example of an incredible journey. I love his enthusiasm and his energy and despite being an enigma in the financial trading industry because of his specialization in penny stocks his results speak for themselves.

Interview with Robert Pardo

Robs work was a fundamental driver behind how I approached trading strategy development and execution. A priceless interview which addresses why is it that some trading strategies perform well in real-time trading while other strategies fall apart.

Training with Adam Khoo

This isn't an interview but Adam Khoo really deserves an entry because his training is always so on point. I have listed here one of his best videos which is so relevant for the modern trader.

Interview with Richard Weissman

Richard Weismann is the author of the popular book in trading circles, "Trade Like A Casino" and this interview delves into the parallels he makes between how the casino structures its process and how successful traders think and work.

Interview with Brendan Poots

For those who want to understand more about sports trading then this interview with Brendan Poots who heads one of the world's largest sports trading hedge funds provides some great insights.

Interview with Doug Cifu

The law of occurrences is a critical component of probability trading and this interview with Doug Cifu at Virtu explains the incredible science which keeps this hedge fund winning consistently all year through.

Interview with Andreas Koukorinis A really fantastic interview with Andreas, the co-founder of Stratagem Technologies, a tech startup using AI and machine learning to trade sports as a financial product.

Interview with Wiliam Beauchamp William Beauchampís the founder of Seamless Capital, an algorithmic firm trading in sports markets. He has scaled the operation to a team of 15-people, with £50-million annual turnover, netting seven-figures of PnL.

Winning in Prediction Markets While many are only hearing about prediction markets for the first time, for near a decade, anonymous trader Domer has been at the frontier of profiting from outcomes of unknown future events. Now at a point where heís netting PnL of several hundred thousand dollars a year (across multiple exchanges), much of Domerís winnings are due to his ability to garner an information edge and rejection of the Efficient Market Hypothesis.

The key to success in trading is the ability to accept losing a battle whilst knowing you are winning the war

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