For a number of years I have been developing a trading strategy which I have tweaked and modified until it reached a point in February 2018 where I felt comfortable enough to go public with my results after a 3 month incubation period. The strategy was based on identifying high risk to reward trading opportunities in the football trading exchanges through analysis of historical statistics as well as in-play momentum.

The process today generates 30-35 trading opportunities per week for which my average monthly win rate is in the 40%-45% range and where my reward to risk ratio per trade averages 3:1.

The key to my success is my data analysis approach which has evolved with experience. A fundamental component of the trading strategy is ensuring that the win rate and reward to risk ratio produces a positive expectancy system with an expectation value that fluctuates between 0.70 - 1.0. (Click here for more details on calculating expectation).


The key to success in trading is the ability to accept losing a battle whilst knowing you are winning the war

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